Customer Service
Medical Data Consultants Inc. provides superior customer service with attention to detail at every level. I have been very happy with the work Medical Data Consultants Inc. has done for our practice. Specifically, the Medical Data Consultants Inc. team has taken care to educate our group in depth about proper billing and PQRS coding, and they provided a free 100% audit until we achieved near perfect coding accuracy. Medical Data Consultants Inc. also provides detailed billing information for our practice, which is both emailed to us weekly and available to us anytime online, and, in addition, they successfully converted nearly our entire practice to electronic billing, saving significant paper and postage.
Dallas, TX
Improved cash flow, more profitable&hellip
Not only has Medical Data Consultants Inc. helped us improve cash flow, by outsourcing our billing we’re more profitable and the office staff is able to provide patients with even better customer service.
New York, NY
Reduced denied claims. Increased collections.
Since we entrusted our medical billing to Medical Data Consultants Inc., we have reduced denied claims by more than 8%, increased collections of accounts receivables by 9% and increased our overall revenue significantly.
Brookfield, CT
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